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Jason Swett

Developer, speaker, trainer, author and host of The Rails with Jason podcast

Jen Luker

Sr. Frontend Engineer, conference speaker, and BookBytes podcast co-host

Alessandro Desantis

Developer, founder and engineering manager based in Rome. Currently growth advisor at Nebulab

Sean Denny

Developer & organizer, TubeDepot CIO, SolidusConf organizer, and Solidus Stakeholders secretary

Ernesto Tagwerker

Founder of OmbuLabs, The Lean Software Boutique. He likes to build and maintain software, products, and open-source projects

Joel Saupe

Lead Software Engineer of Frontend Development at Deseret Book and certified pixel pusher

Taylor Scott

Senior Software Engineer working for Deseret Book

Peter Berkenbosch

Independent E-Commerce developer and consultant

Braden Douglass

Developer, writer and community organizer at Glossier.

Thomas Sample

Founder of Karma Creative.

Ryan Cromwell

Technical Director at Sparkbox.