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Salt Lake City

This October, Solidus experts from around the world will join us here Salt Lake City for Solidus Conf 2019. The conference runs from Monday, Oct. 21st through Thursday, Oct. 24th and will be hosted at the beautiful Public Library near the beating heart of downtown Salt Lake.

Ours is a unique and wonderful city full of historic sites, exciting outdoor destinations, and some incredible restaurants and bars to eat and drink. We’ve assembled this brief guide to help newcomers to our city make themselves at home and maybe even lead some return visitors and locals to some new favorites.

Weather & Dress Guide

In terms of the weather, October’s a pretty wonderful time of the year in Salt Lake. The hot, dry summers are a thing of the past, but the days, even in late October, are typically warm enough to be enjoyed with a light jacket or sweater.

That said, the evenings can get cold, even below freezing, in the latter half of the month, so it makes sense to pack some heavier clothing, particularly if you intend to enjoy some of the outdoor attractions we’ll be recommending below.


I reached out to my friends and colleagues--most of whom work in tech--for restaurant recommendations, and together we assembled a list that’s sure to appease even the most discerning of palates. Downtown Salt Lake poses plenty of options for dining, and there are plenty more if you’re willing to travel and see a little more of the valley. Here are a few you should consider checking out:


Visitors might be surprised to learn just how many good bars are in and around the city. Here are a few unique and popular ones worth checking out.

Cool Destinations


Our local and well-loved amusement park is open on weekends in the fall, and October is “Frightmares” season. Roller coasters, live entertainment, walk-through haunted houses, and funnel cake. Lots to enjoy here.

Hogle Zoo

Salt Lake’s one and only Hogle Zoo is constantly expanding with new attractions and more interesting and animal-conscious exhibits. They decorate for Halloween around this time of year, too, for extra fun.

Red Butte Gardens

The Red Butte Gardens at the University of Utah is the “largest botanical garden in the Intermountain West.” A beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the flora. They also host special events around this time of year.

Gilgal Sculpture Garden

A surreal and unique “garden” of elaborate sculptures hidden in plain site in Salt Lake City and features a bizarre Sphinx of Mormon founder Joseph Smith. Admission is free!

The Living Planet Aquarium

The state’s largest aquarium is just off the freeway 20 minutes or so south of Salt Lake City proper. It offers tons of cool animals to see, and you can even dive into the water with the sharks if you’re feeling adventurous.


An “experience park” that allows visitors to step into and explore a medieval Eupopean fantasy village. Talk to the characters throughout the village, practice archery, throw some axes, or take on RPG-like quests. Seriously, this place is awesome. Check the site’s calendar for events and park hours.

Temple Square

Salt Lake’s historic Temple Square holds special significance for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it’s also really interesting place for history buffs and architecture lovers.


Utah is home to some of the most incredibly beautiful national parks in the country, and while Zions and Arches are probably prohibitively far from downtown Salt Lake City, destinations like Donut Falls, The Living Room, Mt. Timpanogos, and others are definitely close enough.

About the Author of this Guide

Ashton is a professional writer operating out of Salt Lake City. When he isn’t writing proposals for Artemis Health, you can generally find him freelancing articles about tech and video games. You can find most of his written work at his site:

Special Thanks

"Shout out to my friends and colleagues Adam Stevenson, Brett Kester, Casper Manalo, Connor Jenkins, Chris Savoie, Curtis Salsibury, Gage Jensen, Kim Dufour, Matt Fleming, Tiffany Ludlow, and Tony Atkinson for their recommendations!"
- Ashton Herrmann